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Stratos Pinnacle proudly brings you more insights into the current Malaysian retail industries, property markets, and consumer behaviours. We hope these publications pique your interest in Malaysia’s developments and progress amidst the current ever-changing market.

Stratoscope Publication – Q1 2023

What’s New with the Malaysian Shopping Malls?

S-PAC Retail Tracker – March 2023

Are You Keeping Up with the Changing Shopping Behaviors?

S-PAC Retail Tracker – July 2022

Shopping Mall Behavior: An Exploratory Study (Northern Region)

S-PAC Retail Tracker – June 2022

How Unique is Your Mall?

S-PAC Retail Tracker – March 2022

‘New Normal’ Benchmarking for Shopping Malls

S-PAC Retail Tracker – October 2021

Get a Firm Grasp of Shopper Sentiments Post Covid-19

Stratoscope Publication – 2023

A Peek into Malaysian Shopping Malls Landscape in 2023

Stratoscope Blogpost – 2024

Key Trends Influencing Malaysian Retail and Shopping Experience

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